Herbalists Without Borders vision is a global community where all people have access to affordable natural and botanical health and wellness. To bring that vision into reality, we work with community-based chapters to create educational, advocacy and grassroots model projects to fill the gaps in health justice internationally.

HWB recognizes that many global citizens lack access to health and wellness due to economic and other barriers. HWB firmly believes that health is a human right, not a privilege.

HWB organizing and volunteer efforts focus on alternative health and wellness solutions, through education, empowerment and advocacy projects.

HWB is a cross cultural health and wellness organization that creates intercultural exchanges and takes actions via national, regional and project-based chapters around the world, including Borderless Medicine Programs.

HWB believes in the protection and preservation of indigenous herbs and traditional healers, including autonomy and intellectual property rights that honor and respect the wisdom of both traditional plants and healers.

HWB educates about growing and eating of traditional local healthful natural foods and herbs; the relearning and recollecting of everyday traditional cultural healthful lifestyles.

HWB supports equitable, sustainable, fair trade practices involving herbs and botanical products, including the promotion of locavore diets and botanicals.

HWB embraces true empowerment models, encouraging local people to utilize their own unique community resources and create access health and wellness clinics.

HWB assists herbalists and healers with continuous training and education.