Server Management Tips

Server Maintenance Checklist: 15 Common Issues and How to Fix Them

Servers are amazing beasts of technology that keep enterprises running. They can handle complex processes well enough for users to not even think about their existence. When servers fail though, they can be disruptive and create a domino effect that could cost the business thousands or millions of dollars in lost opportunities.

Servers require regular monitoring and maintenance to ensure they don’t fail when they are most needed. They are, after all, computing machines just like laptops and desktops. Maintenance ensures a relatively minor server problem does not mutate into a catastrophic failure. Often times, server failure is the result of an easily preventable situation spiraling out of control due to a lack of timely countermeasures.

Developing a checklist of the things you need to monitor or act on regularly can go a long way in ensuring your servers consistently perform at their best. The following entries must be part of any such checklist.

by Sean Roberts on September 20, 2018