Please try to provide a minimum of 24 hours notice if you need to cancel a booking.

  • Payments can be made at the time of booking (online platform)
  • Or, you can pay in person on the day.
  • Sliding Scale Fee’s apply – if you cannot afford the full cost of treatment please let me know. Finances should not be a barrier to your health if I can assist.
  • Discounted services for low income, unemployed, students, pensioners, etc…
  • If you are referred to me by Herbalists Without Borders: please apply your coupon during checkout.
  • Lastly, if my hours are not suitable

Bookings cancelled at short notice can result in an admin fee ($30 / or 50% of service fee depending on the service)

Referrals and Medical Tests
  • If you have any referral letters please bring them with you on the day
  • you can also email them to me securely using
  • Or upload documents into your online profile at
  • Please send in advance, bring with to your appointment any medical records that you deem relevant e.g. test results, x-rays, consultant reports, (You can also upload these documents securely to your profile)
Privacy and Data Security
  • Typically your information is stored digitally
  • All digital storage is password protected and SSL encrypted
  • For remote/cloud storage utilise we encrypted services (including those additional to  the  platforms protections)
  • Any hand written records will be migrated to digital formats.
  • Any whand written that are stored will be stored in a locked filing cabinet and secure room. This archive may be offsite depending on archive size and storage environment
  • Per standard you are entitled to review your
  • Website access and digital delivery of client information, recommendations, etc… will be done on a per client basis and with approval.
  • Clients are responsible for mainting their passwords securely. In the event of losing or having your security breached (e.g. your PC or email) please login to change your password immediately. You can also contact me using the contact form for assistance.
  • Please see the Privacy Policy for relevant details.