Caring for Carers – FES Workshops

Our FES workshops are designed to be flexible and are applicable to any idividual or group who join us.

Alongside the general and highly adaptable FES workshops we are also providing specialised material to suit specific groups.  For example we have workshops dedicated solely to carers and health providers.

Designed for anybody who provides health care to others:  Family members, natural therapists, allied health workes, mental health and disibility carers, social workers, counsellors, psychiatrists, GP’s, …any caring role.

Self-care can often come second for people in these roles. The workshops share strategies and practices for gaining insight into our self and how to better care for ourselves. With simple, replicable techniques of mindfullness and relaxation that you can draw upon and use to regularly check-in with your own needs.

100% of profits frOM thIS WORKSHOP are donated TO HWB-Victoria (50%) – with the other 50% going to convent community.

To particpate in the workshops, or to organise an event for your community, please visit the HWB Victoria website where you can send register your interest and find upcoming events.

You can also check the Abbotsfrod Convent Events Guide for a full list of seasonal events being hosted at the Abbotsford Convent.