Duncan Mackay

Herbalist, Educator & Horticultural Therapist

With over 30 years of experience in Health, Education and Community, including 15 years as a natural medicine practitioner – I have a Bachelor of Health Sciences in Herbal Medicine, Diploma of Botanical Medicine and was formerly a  Senior Lecturer of Health Sciences (Complementary Medicine) at the Australian Institute of Applied Sciences (AIAS).

Offering an expert blend of traditional practice and modern insights in a holistic herbal and nutritional framework –  I create a comprehensive case study with you at the centre, together we seek the causes of imbalance and establish how to most gently remove those impediments.

With simple changes to diet and lifestyle, combined with herbal methods that are best suited to you, my goal is to always provide you with recommendations that are individualised and holistic.

Traditional methods are shared from a diverse global heritage and knowledge base. With elements of Greco-Roman, Unani-Tibb, Ayurvedic, European, American, Chinese and Shamanic Medicine traditions – modern Herbalism continues to preserve, deliberate and advance.  With the adjunct of modern medicine, diagnostic tools and cross-referrals  it is a safe and effective approach for general and specific complaints (physical, emotional & spiritual in origin) .

A constitutional assessment is made through phsyical examinations and review of your general health patterns.  Health indicators such as tongue, iris, pulse and nail are investigated.   When a thorough health and wellness history has been taken (via questionairres and discussion) I will take some time to prepare you a plan by reviewing your information, any test results, etc…

When Herbal prescriptions are to be recommended – you can have your script filled at the Convent, or I can provide a note for you to take to your local apothecary.

Wellbeing @ The Convent

Discover your personal pathway to holistic health with WellBeing at the Convent.

With a committed team of more than 20 highly-qualified practitioners, WellBeing at the Convent provides the people, place and professional practices needed to support your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health.

WellBeing at the Convent offers herbal medicine, nutritional guidance, counselling, acupuncture, naturopathy, Feldenkrais, Ayurvedic massage and traditional East Asian medicine, to name a few. Given the team’s cross-specialisations, practitioners care for your wellbeing holistically, all within the one location.

You can also look after your wellbeing with yoga and meditation at One Heart studio. With multiple classes every day, spanning beginners, to mums and bubs, yoga is the perfect place to start or complement your wellbeing treatments at the Convent.

Set on 6.8 hectares of stunning green open space along the Yarra River, while just 4km from the busy CBD, WellBeing at the Convent offers a peaceful inner-urban retreat, complete with good food at onsite cafes to make the most of your wellbeing visit.

Visit the Wellbeing webpage for more practitioner profiles:  https://abbotsfordconvent.com.au/visit/wellbeing